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It’s not nearly as expensive as it is for you to try to get back on your feet after a cybersecurity breach. We work with small companies, giving them consistent, predictable monthly payments for IT services and security.

According to the 2019 Beazley Breach Briefing, 71% of ransomware attacks in 2018 targeted small businesses. Why? Because larger corporations have fortified their businesses, and criminals have turned to softer targets – small businesses.

You already know that companies are coming out with new devices and software at an exponential rate. But cybersecurity is about more than keeping up with what the IT manufacturers produce, your IT security strategy also has to keep up with emerging and zero-day threats coming from international cybercrime syndicates, rogue nation states, and lone-wolf hackers. Monitoring and constant updates are essential.

Any company’s weakest cybersecurity link is its employees. The click of a link, the opening of an email, or browsing to the wrong page on the internet can trigger a chain of events that culminates in an intrusion, loss of data, and workflow inaccessibility. Ongoing employee cybersecurity awareness training helps you make your employees into your second firewall against intrusion.

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