IT Maintenance and Management Focused on Cybersecurity

The Five Reasons Your IT Services Team Should Have a Cybersecurity First Strategy

Businesses across the nation are realizing that without security, their processes are at risk. Unfortunately, the mistake they are making is choosing IT services teams that see cybersecurity as an “add-on” service to their computer repair and help desk services. Here are the five reasons you want a comprehensive, security first approach to your IT maintenance.

  • Cybersecurity is more than a lock on the front door of your IT systems. A thorough cybersecurity strategy is complete perimeter protection with redundant walls of security throughout the IT environment.
  • The team that puts security first will get all the other details correct. A team that’s focused on a secure IT system will also be looking at implementing efficiency, compliance adherence, automation, and needed redundancies within your workflow.
  • You have too much to lose to be sold an IT security plug-and-play-and-forget solution. Your employees’ livelihood, your business investors, and your personal stake in the company are all put at risk without an IT strategy that puts security at the top of the list and touches every aspect of your IT systems, internal processes, and cloud assets.
  • The IT support personnel that don’t talk about cybersecurity precautions and plans with you, likely aren’t doing a good job at IT security for you. The technicians that are mostly focused on getting your systems to work are spending little to no time thinking about how to secure your systems against ransomware, adware, malware, hackers, and phishing attempts.
  • A security-first approach to IT maintenance and management brings all of your IT assets into security, building a matrix of protection instead of relying only on a few plugin solutions like antivirus and firewall. Your individual IT assets should be like the links of metal that make up the chain mail in a suit of armor. When each asset is integrated, configured, and maintained for security, they together form layers of complete protection.

How Does Security First IT Management and Maintenance Work?

The Hill Tech Solutions team takes the following steps to ensure that your systems are secure, well maintained, and tailored to your internal/external workflow.

  • Assessment Stage – In the Assessment Stage, we survey your entire IT system to determine what must be done to bring everything up to current cybersecurity and IT maintenance standards.
  • Presentation Stage – In the Presentation Stage, we show you what we have learned about your IT systems and present an IT roadmap showing what needs to be done to secure, stabilize, and streamline your IT environment.
  • Remediation Stage – In the Remediation Stage, we implement the changes, hardware, software, and cybersecurity tools discussed and agreed upon in the presentation stage.
  • Continuous Maintenance and Management Stage – In the Continuous Maintenance and Management Stage, we regularly update the configurations and databases needed for adequate security while ensuring that your employees have a trouble-free IT environment in which to work.

What Does Security First IT Maintenance and Management Cost?

Because of the many variables, it’s impossible to put a “one price fits all” on the website. However, we can make the following statements about our pricing.

  • You’ll never pay for more than what you need.
  • You’ll always be provided with transparent billing.
  • Our IT security and maintenance subscription pricing model gives you a consistent monthly payment that’s easy to budget.
  • Our business model puts us on your side. As a result, our technicians have no reason to run up your cost on hours or materials.