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Small to mid-size businesses are special.  People love to work with them, feeling like they are doing business with a friend; someone who knows and cares about them, their business, and their families.

But big IT solutions just don’t seem to “fit” small to mid-sized businesses very well.  In scope, they’re just too cumbersome to meet your needs.  You need something customized to fit the work you do.

It can be hard trying to sort through the IT maze on your own.  You feel overwhelmed by the number of choices available to you.

All of them promise greater productivity, more efficiency…

But how can you know for sure which service provider is right for you?

Hill Tech Solutions “gets” small to mid-sized businesses.

We understand that your business is unique, and your IT needs are as well.  Much like you do with your valued clients, the IT experts at Hill Tech Solutions take the time to get to know YOU and your business.

We don’t believe in cookie cutter solutions.


We won’t sell you IT that is just not suitable for your needs.

Hill Tech Solutions will assess your current IT infrastructure and streamline it into a well-oiled, machine — perfectly equipped for the work of your industry.

After all, what good are high tech solutions if the tools just aren’t right for the job?

What can Hill Tech Solutions do for your small to mid-sized business?

  • Affordable, budget friendly payment plans
  • Customized IT assessment and monitoring
  • IT and POS system simplification and integration
  • In house or remote IT support staff
  • Network security and antivirus protection
  • Employee POS system training and troubleshooting
  • Hardware and software procurement
  • Data retrieval, backup, and disaster recovery solutions
  • Cloud based software specific to your industry

Hill Tech Solutions is your full service managed IT services provider on the job 24/7 for you!

Contact us at 410-671-5780 or [email protected] to find out how Hill Tech Solutions can help your small to mid-sized business.