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Cybersecurity Begins with Listening

Hill Tech Solutions are experts at IT security. We know the first step is to listen to the client. To learn about business processes with an eye to spotting potential exploits.

Understanding the business process allows security measures to be implemented without hindering business. Cybersecurity starts with people; staff needs to practice good security measures. This is learned through listening and observing.

The Evaluation

Through listening, active communication, and learning about business processes, your security is evaluated. Looking at just the technology is not enough. Security starts with people and process. Evaluation is not judgment; you don’t know what you don’t know. That’s where Hill Tech Solutions come in.

The Initial Assessment

Staff will work onsite, learning about your business. They will look for insecure practices, such as staff writing down passwords. They will search for old software that is at the end of life and is no longer secure. They will check whether staff keeps security in mind while they go about their jobs. It’s informal and relaxed, as Hill Tech Solutions needs to see your business-as-usual practices, not at an observation-induced artificial heightened sense of security.

The Expectations of a Client

In the initial assessment, we need open, honest communication and access to your business processes. Security comes from understanding everything, including the bits that might be embarrassing. (Like a Windows XP computer that is still on the network.) From honestly comes security.

The Future

As technology increasingly connects us, the vectors for cybercrime increase. Cybersecurity is an ongoing concern. It cannot be addressed once and forgotten. Partnering with Hill Tech Solutions provides you with the peace of mind that your Cybersecurity is handled and lets you focus on the future of your business.