Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Training

How to Train Your Employees to be a Human Firewall Against Cybercrime and Cultivate a Company Culture of Security

The statistics prove it over and over again. Once IT security protocols are established by competent technicians, your employees are your most significant security gap. Why? Because people, for the most part, are good and trusting. Your employees are busy at their work and just assume that the emails coming into their box or the sites they land on in the performance of their duties are legitimate.

Here’s the truth.

Untrained employees click links they shouldn’t, they open up email attachments that have malicious code embedded in them, and they are well meaning when they answer questions in emails that look like they are from authentic sources.

Companies are overwhelmingly choosing to bring cybersecurity training to their employees. The reason for this shift is that nearly every employee in IT-dependent companies has access to a computer. As a result of this access, each employee is a potential target and a potential avenue by which cybercriminals can gain access to the company’s IT systems.

How Does Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Training Work?

The Hill Tech Solutions team takes three-pronged approach to helping your employees act in a more secure manner while doing their daily work online.

  • Group Training
    In our group training sessions, we take the time to help your employees understand the most common ways that cybercriminals use phishing and social engineering exploits to get them to do what the bad guys want them to do. Group training should be an annual event, as new exploits are being developed by cybercriminals almost weekly.
  • Individual, Interactive Online Training
    We provide an online training course that your employees can work through on their schedule and at their pace. This training is most effective when it is used by the entire company, and the employees are “tested” with mock attacks — before the training for a baseline and after the training to see what gaps still need to be addressed.
  • Answering Questions as They Arise
    Our Help Desk is managed by IT professionals who are thoroughly prepared to answer your staff’s IT security questions. Instead of asking a colleague, “Should I click this?” or “Is this email really from XYZ company?” your employees can call us, and we’ll talk them through the steps needed to ensure that their actions don’t endanger your business.

Employees – Access, Credentials, Passwords

Unfortunately, employees are notorious for putting access codes, credentials, and passwords on sticky notes by their computer or using their dog’s name for these security measures. While there is some humor in the situation, there won’t be when a criminal guesses their password or sees the sticky note in an office party photo put on social media. We help employees learn what makes a strong password and we implement password management protocols and two-factor authentication that will help forgetful employees keep your data and workflow safe.