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Windows 11: Should You Upgrade? When and Why?

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You might remember that when Windows 10 was released Microsoft said it was the ‘last ever’ version of Windows. Kidding! As you have no doubt seen, Windows 11 is now being rolled out, and you might be wondering whether you should upgrade. Here’s a look at what’s new.

First, cost won’t be a factor. The upgrade to 11 is free, assuming your hardware makes the cut. If you’re not sure, there’s a new version of the PC Health Check app that will check for you. Just scroll to the bottom of the Windows 11 page.

The app will tell you whether you can upgrade, but not whether you should upgrade. Our advice is to hold off. Why? First off, it’s new, and it’s usually a good idea to let other users be the guinea pigs while the inevitable hiccups and security flaws are ironed out.

But we also like to see some legitimate reasons for business users to upgrade. An ad we saw for Win 11 listed these as the first three features:

  • new, rounded design
  • redesigned Microsoft store and support for Android apps
  • improved Xbox app integration

So … have the square corners on your current windows really been slowing you down at work? We didn’t think so, and we’re going to assume you’re not integrating with your Xbox on company time.

In fairness, there are a few features that do belong at work. For one, hovering over the Maximize button in a window now displays a grid of multi-window layouts (Snap layouts) to choose from, making multitasking easier. MS Chat is baked right into the taskbar so call, chat, text or video are quickly accessible for personal or professional collaboration.

Microsoft also promises Windows updates that are 40% smaller and applied in the background, and Win 11 is more efficient for prolonged battery life on portable devices.

These are incremental improvements, though, not game-changers, and Microsoft’s Windows 11 page doesn’t even mention security, somewhat surprising in this time of runaway ransomware attacks.

If you’re running Windows 10 on an eligible device, look for your free Win 11 upgrade to be offered sometime in 2022. And if you buy a new device you might not have a choice. But we see no reason to rush ahead now.

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