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Relief for Your Password Headaches

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You know you’re not supposed to use the same password across multiple accounts, but chances are you do … and chances are even better that your employees do, also.

Speaking of your employees, do you know who has access to which systems? If not, your business could be at risk.

Passwords are a pain … and they’re also one of the biggest threats to your business if not used properly. The good news is that we have a secure solution to take those headaches away. It’s convenient, easy and lets you sleep at night knowing there’s one less thing to worry about.

Hill Tech Solutions offers a single portal for all your password needs:

  • Save time with instant credential insertion—no more remembering lists of passwords
  • Centrally control employee access to systems, so only those who should be on critical systems have access to them
  • Easily terminate access to all systems following an employee’s departure
  • Track and record all system access to help meet compliance audit requirements

You can log into websites with a single click, set up folders to organize strong and unique passwords, even add and edit passwords for personal accounts that are accessible to you only.

And a full suite of admin-level tools allows you to view audits and activity reports, set up passwords to auto-expire, and implement two-factor authentication policies.

You have enough things to worry about. Contact Hill Tech and take password management off the list.

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