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Case Study: Root 3 Labs

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A Managed Services Provider (MSP) offers a number of different services, and the needs of each business will vary. From time to time we’ll share an actual case study of a Hill Tech Solutions client, the issues they were encountering and the solutions provided.

Root3 Labs, headquartered in Owings Mills, Maryland is an engineering company specializing in the research and new product development of electromechanical devices for the medical device and defense industries. They’re a group of highly technical engineers that turn ideas into prototypes and prototypes into finished products. Needless to say, their business environment is extremely tech-centric.

Root3 first reached out to Hill Tech in 2017. They knew their growing business required a comprehensive, professional approach to cybersecurity and were looking at external partners so they could better focus on their core business activities.

We began with a thorough assessment of their current deployment and designed a plan to address their specific needs. In our first year of working together we provided a combination of a tailored suite of tools and changes to their existing infrastructure, both designed to harden their security posture. As they grew, we introduced additional infrastructure midway through that first year to accommodate their growing needs.

In year two of our relationship, a new contract required Root3 Labs to upgrade their security posture for compliance purposes. We worked side by side with them to assess these new requirements and to implement the additional controls that would satisfy them. Root3 Labs was also eligible for multiple programs through the State of Maryland that provided financial incentives and tax advantages for cybersecurity expenses. As a Qualified Maryland Cybersecurity Seller, we were able to help them achieve compliance and qualify for tax credits.

Three years later, Chad Schneider, President of Root3 Labs, credits Hill Tech with allowing him to focus more on his company’s growth and core activities. His team members contact Hill Tech directly with any issues, keeping more of his time free to grow his business without worrying about technology and compliance.

“Working with Hill Tech Solutions has taken a huge load off my mind. It’s impossible for me to stay on top of the professional world of cybersecurity threats and solution technologies with the depth and breadth of knowledge that Hill Tech has while also running my business. It’s great to have a team I can rely on to do that for me. I also appreciate how they recommend cybersecurity tools and hardware appropriate for both our budget and our security requirements, both of which have evolved over time.”

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