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The building automation industry has evolved at a rapid pace over the last few years.

Gone are the days of pencil, paper, and ruler, and hours spent hunched over a drafting table.  Technology has made our days simpler.

Building automation makes use of technology to make people’s lives easier to manage and more secure.

But who makes your workday easier to manage and more secure? While you’re out wiring a home or business, who is maintaining and monitoring your in-house and mobile systems for security and efficiency?

Is there an IT team that really understands the building automation industry?

Let’s face it.  Your field isn’t just any other field.  You are in a specialty market.  And you need someone who really understands what you do and what you are trying to accomplish.

The team at Hill Tech Solutions has expert knowledge of the building automation market.  We know what tools you need to get the job done, and we have the skill to maximize and improve  your IT infrastructure for you.

What will Hill Tech Solutions do for your business?

Hill Tech Solutions is your panel of expert IT professionals – ready to get to work for you.  From equipment procurement to robust cybersecurity solutions, we have the skills to get you—and keep you—on the right track.  The best track for you!

Hill Tech Solutions offers:

  • Customized IT assessment and action planning
  • Cloud computing and Office 365 expertise
  • VoIP technology implementation
  • 24/7 remote IT expert assistance
  • Advanced cybersecurity solutions
  • Data backup, storage, and recovery programs
  • Industry specific software and compliance protocols

Whatever your building automation contracting business needs, we are ready to help!

Don’t get lost in the shuffle of every day IT service providers.  Partner with the one that knows your business best—Hill Tech Solutions.

Contact us at 410-671-5780 or [email protected] to find out what Hill Tech Solutions can do for your building automation contracting company.