You have a big job.  Automotive parts are constantly in demand, and you field a lot of inquiries every day.

Technology has simplified your life.  Gone are the days of tedious manual inventory searches.  Spreadsheets and software for the automotive industry have made keeping on top of your parts inventory much simpler.

Point of Sale systems too…

Does anyone even carry cash anymore?

It’s amazing the freedom we’ve achieved via Interac and other POS devices.  Who would have thought we’d see the day when you can pay with your phone?

The problem is…as great as all of these advances are, they don’t always work as well as you would like.

When your computer goes down, and you have no access to warehouse database, you can feel totally lost.

What do you do if your POS system crashes?

People just aren’t used to carrying cash anymore and aren’t prepared to pay expensive part bills without a credit or debit card.

Who do you turn to when your IT is slow or completely stopped?

Hill Tech Solutions is your comprehensive IT expert team.

We have extensive knowledge of the automotive parts industry, and we can custom design a plan to fit your business to a “T.”

There are many companies vying for your “computing” dollar.  Many will promise big and deliver little.  Others feel that a one size fits all approach is the way to go.

We are different.

We believe that each business is unique, and deservesa unique IT action plan.

We don’t make you fit the technology—we devise a plan with technology that fits you.

What can Hill Tech Solutions offer my automotive parts business?

Hill Tech Solutions can offer you:

  • Affordable, budget friendly, monthly payment plans
  • Customized IT assessment and monitoring
  • IT and POS system simplification and integration
  • In house or remote IT support staff
  • Network security and antivirus protection
  • Employee POS system training and troubleshooting
  • Hardware and software procurement
  • Data retrieval, backup, and disaster recovery solutions
  • Cloud based software specific to the automotive industry

Sound too good to be true?

We assure you—it’s not.

Equipping you with the right IT infrastructure to get the job done and increasing your productivity is our mandate.

We make it our personal goal to put the correct tools in your hands to enable your success.

Contact Hill Tech Solutions now at (410) 671-5780 or to find out how our team of experts can help your automotive parts business. 

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