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Is It Time to Consider Implementing Stronger Cybersecurity Measures for My Business?

It is an important part of every successful business’ IT strategy to periodically take stock of their cybersecurity protection.

Since cybercriminals are extremely sophisticated and continually generating new ways to penetrate a business’ IT systems, evaluation is a critical component of any technology protection program to determine if the time has come for reinforcement.

Hill Tech Solutions offers its valued clients a five-step process to top-tier cybersecurity.

What is Involved in the Implementation Stage?

This third step in the Hill Tech Solutions’ Cybersecurity process is implementation. The first two phases include the provision of a thorough IT environment assessment and the presentation of our findings. Once our team of professional cybersecurity specialists and the client have established the final plan of action, it is time to put feet to our roadmap to fix ongoing IT security concerns and optimize and secure a business’ overall IT environment.

Among the steps we take to fortify a business’ IT security are:

  • Remediating current security issues
  • Implementing the appropriate hardware and software solutions
  • Providing continuous monitoring and maintenance to detect and thwart threats
  • Including proactive best-practice security protocols

What Tools Does My Business Need to Keep My Data and Workflow Protected?

Hill Tech Solutions believes proactive security measures are the key to preventing attacks by cunning cybercriminals. To this end, we encourage the implementation of the appropriate tools to prevent problems before they can happen in addition to removing existing weak entry points that are easy prey for cybercriminals.

Some of the tools we suggest for our valued customers include:

  • Intrusion Protection
  • Email Archiving
  • Wireless Information Security
  • Web Filtering
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Managed Firewall
  • Email Protection
  • Employee Security Awareness Testing and Training

When implementing new systems into an existing IT infrastructure, our team of professional cybersecurity specialists works seamlessly with minimal disruption to the workflow of a business.